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The Electronic Journal (EJ) is the creation of the AMT Surfers Club. It is our goal to provide news and information via the web that all healthcare professionals will find useful. In addition, we will strive to increase the use of the Internet for communication and increase political activity on issues that effect our professions.

Computer systems for the Laboratory and/or Transfusion Services are of interest to EJ. Any knowledge you are willing to share with the readers will be greatly appreciated. EJ uses the Internet to access and pass information along to readers. Primary interest is in legislative data. Please contact EJ if you think there is legislation on the move in your state. EJ will not take sides on legislation
Several areas of healthcare management will be addessed in EJ. Association management for healthcare organizations, Medicare regulations and changes as they effect our professions, inspections by FDA and AABB, and communications between readers are a few that come to mind.

EJ plans to go to the Hawaii Convention